Disco in Furness – The Drawing Room – Barrow – 15/02/14


Saturday took me to the land of submarines and working men’s clubs to play Disco in Furness at the Drawing room. This is a night I do with lifelong record collector and all round top guy Colin Wall. Music can range from classic disco floor fillers to up to date soulful house all played on 100% vinyl.

Barrows nightlife doesn’t have the best rep, and rightly so at times as a night out there can be very hard work, but like most northern towns Barrow has a very healthy soul scene which I have had the pleasure of DJ’ing for quite some time now.

The Drawing Room is breath of fresh air from your usual Barrovian haunt too, great beers, great sounds and great vibe. This is a bar that really puts an effort into the quality of is music and it pays off because it’s a pleasure to play at.

Pick of the night for me would have to be this. Goes down a treat anywhere and never seems to get tiresome.


The Delaplains – The Ruby Lounge – 07/02/14

Dela ruby

Unlike this blog suggests, I don’t go out to watch bands that often but on Friday I got the opportunity to go and see Manchester band The Delaplains at the Ruby Lounge. I wanted to get the chance to share this band as I think they are definitely worth a moment of your time.

The band performs almost as if you weren’t there, like you are looking in on a group of mates jamming along to a couple of tunes they just effortlessly throw out. That is the key with this group, it all just seems so simple, like they don’t even have to think about it and it sounds and looks fucking great.

Personally, I think its takes a lot of balls for a band like The Delaplains to do what they do these days. They have no gimmicks or hipster pretences, they rely solely on their song writing and it works – it works very well as their melodies are infectious.

The band’s new EP is called The Other You and features personal favourite ‘Sheena’s Always Late’. You can buy it on 7” Vinyl at Vinyl Revival on Thomas Street, Northern Quarter (or order it here http://www.vinylrevivalmcr.com/) and you can also download from ITunes…. DO IT, you won’t regret it.


Its back to all things soul and disco this weekend with Disco in Furness at The Drawing Room in Barrow. Me and the fantastic Colin Wall will be manning the decks until the early hours of the morn. Here is one for all the Barrovians to get you in the mood.

All the Colours Fade – Macclesfield – DMJ Vintage – 01/02/14

Screen shot 2014-02-05 at 19.08.00

On Saturday I was asked to play by DMJ Vintage store at an exhibition they were holding. Their wonderful shop was temporarily turned into a gallery showcasing the works of Anthony Mulryan who over the years has captured some of musics most famous faces.


This was a cosy occasion as the shop was packed out. Sometimes these sort of sets are the hardest to pull off as more than ever you feel a responsibility to the event and to provide a fitting soundtrack for the night.

Even though we were 20 miles south of Shudehill this felt like an all Manchester affair. The owner of the shop had some of the most impressive pieces of Haçienda memorabilia I have ever seen, from bollards to the door mat that over time every person who had entered the club had stepped on. The shop is worth a visit for this alone.


So…To the box, and with a Factory theme to night it would be rude not select something from the label. In true FAC51 tradition this 12″ single is accompanied by one of of my favourite sleeves and of course, is by none other than the fantastic Pete Saville