Disco in Furness – The Drawing Room – Barrow – 15/02/14


Saturday took me to the land of submarines and working men’s clubs to play Disco in Furness at the Drawing room. This is a night I do with lifelong record collector and all round top guy Colin Wall. Music can range from classic disco floor fillers to up to date soulful house all played on 100% vinyl.

Barrows nightlife doesn’t have the best rep, and rightly so at times as a night out there can be very hard work, but like most northern towns Barrow has a very healthy soul scene which I have had the pleasure of DJ’ing for quite some time now.

The Drawing Room is breath of fresh air from your usual Barrovian haunt too, great beers, great sounds and great vibe. This is a bar that really puts an effort into the quality of is music and it pays off because it’s a pleasure to play at.

Pick of the night for me would have to be this. Goes down a treat anywhere and never seems to get tiresome.