Tony Wilson once said, “Manchester kids have the best record collections…” I would like to think there is enough evidence of that to still be true. In this blog you will get a first-hand glimpse at the contents of my own personal record collection.

I have been an inhabitant of North Manchester and an avid vinyl collector for as long as I can care to remember. As resident at Manchester’s Beat Boutique I have had the absolute pleasure of playing along side the likes of Al Kent, Dimitri Form Paris, Dicky Trisco and John Morales to name a few. Through my music I have been lucky enough to play some amazing venues home and abroad with some top, top people, Festival No.6, Jordell Bank, Kendal Calling and various other spots across Manchester and beyond. In this blog I will share all and give you a real insight to the life of a DJ in Manchester.


Jonny Mangas

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